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Ph.D in Economics (Affiliated to University of Madras and Bharathidasan University)

Studies are oriented to the problems of developing countries, such as social justice, quality of life and environmental concerns, both ar macro and micro levels, International economics is a speciality research area.

M.Phil. in Economics (Affiliated to University of Madras)
Research Methodology and Economic Theory as adopted by the Department of Economics at the University are followed. Dissertations are exclusively in the field of Environmental Economics and almost all of them have been highly commended.

  • University of Madras
  • Bharathidasan University

Ph.D. Programme

  • A study of the growth and pattern of public expenditure in Tamil Nadu during 1969-70 to 1983-84 (1987).
  • Dependent Vulnerability of manufactured exports of East Asian NIBS. An inquiry into the vaibility of replicating the East Asian Model of Development in India (1989).
  • The Economics of Oil Conservation in the Road Transport Sector – A study of the trucking industry (1990).
  • Estimates of poverty in India – A critical evaluation based on analysis of consumption expenditure and fulfilment of basic needs of the poor in rual Chengleput (1990).
  • Analysis of international commodity trade and export instability with reference to regional co-operation of selected countries and commodities (1991).
  • A study of integrated rural development programme as a programme of poverty alleviation of SCs in Tamil Nadu – Case Study of three districts (1991).
  • Demand for Diesel and Kerosene Cost of supply of diesel and kerosene in India (1992).
  • The American Press Response to India’s Freedom Struggle 1920-1947 (1995).
  • Non-Repayment of Institutional Loans and Viability of Social Banking (1996).
  • Indian Economic Thought. The Economic Ideology of Dravidian Movement (1998).
  • An Evaluation of the Nationalized Commercial Banks Credit to the weaker sections of the Population in Chengalpattu District of Tamil Nadu (1998).
  • Study of the economic rational governing the subsidies in social expenditure and its evaluation in Tamil Nadu (2001).
  • “Economic Growth in Tami Nadu” (1990).

M.Phil. Programme

  • Management of Urban Water Supply in selected areas of Madras City (1989-90).
  • Sustainable Utilisaion of Ground Water at Thiruvanmiyur belt (1989-90).
  • Disposal of solid waste and recycling of paper in Triplicane, Madras (1989-1990).
  • Economic effects of sewage Pollution on Fisheries in open and closed conditions in Madras city (1989-1990).
  • Impact of urbanization on the rural Agglomeration : A case study of Sembakkam block (1989-1990).
  • Impact of mechanized Trawlers on the bottom ecology off the sea of Tuticorin (1989-1990).
  • Environmental and Public health problems : A case study of Saidapet slum , Madras (1989-1990).
  • Role of water conservation and management in rural areas of Natrampalli Panchayat union of Tirupattur Taluk (1989-1990).
  • Role of social forestry in forest management : A case study of village Marimangalam in the district of Chengalpattu (1989-1990).
  • Housing the Urban poor : Slum upgrading and upgrading and sites and services programme in selected area of Madras city (1989-1990).
  • Urban services and pollution problems in Madras city (1989-1990).
  • Urban water supply and water quality management : A case study of water quality in selected areas of Madras city (1990-1991).
  • Contribution of the non- conventional energy sector wind energy in Tamil Nadu (1990-1991).
  • Environmental hazards and management hazards: A case study of Manali industrial Belt Madras (1990-1991).
  • Ecological consequences of the reclamation of wasteland in Thiruvallur taluk of Chengai Anna District A case of Allukuli village (1990-1991).
  • Coconut-Husk retting and its Environmental problems in coastal Kerala (1990-1991).
  • Environmental impact of uses of chemical pesticides in Agriculture with reference to Kalathoor, Kottayam district of Kerala (1990-1991).
  • Environmental and occupational hazards of women workers in construction industry : A case study of workers in Adyar and Besant nagar areas of Madras (1990-1991).
  • An Evaluation and Environmental Awareness among school children : A case study with reference to Purasavakkam , Madras city (1990-1991).
  • Motor vehicle emission and pollution in India with particular reference to Madras city (1990-1991).
  • Mahabalipuram development – Environmental considerations (1991-1992).
  • Urban deprivation and NGO intervention : A case study of Rotary Nagar, Madras (1991-1992).
  • High rise building and their environmental impact with special reference to the Madras metropolitan area (1991-1992).
  • Environmental impact assessment of leather tanneries on metropolitan suburbs with special reference to Chrompet (1991-1992).
  • River sand depletion for commercial use and its impact on environment and ecology : A study of the palar river in Chengalpattu district , Tamil Nadu (1991-1992).
  • An analysis of income elasticity of demand for Environmental protection with special reference to water pollution (1991-1992).
  • Ecological and economic Assessment of the wasteland plant small Proposal for rural energy : A case study in Thalambur village, Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu (1991-1992).
  • Business Houses and sustainable rural development, village technology transfer in rural areas (1992-1993).
  • A study of the impact of Socio economic environment on child labour in Sivakasi (1992-1993).
  • Environmental Awareness among women in Villivakkam slum : A case study of Madras city (1992-1993).
  • Sustainable use of renewable resources : A study of deforestation and its impact on tribal economy with special reference to Baripada forest division, Orissa (1992-1993).
  • Environmental awareness and people’s participation : A study of the Deterrent Action against a Pharmaceuticals factory in Ranipet (1993-1994).
  • Environmental impact study of stone crushing enterprises in Sub – urban areas in Kerala (1993-1994).
  • Impact – Assessment of the Noise Pollution on Poonamallee High Road in Madras city (1993-1994).
  • An assessment of the environmental changes by the use of Trawlers for fishing in the sea of Kasimedu Fishing Harbour and its economic consequences on the traditional small Fishermen in the area (1993-1994).
  • Impact of Coastal Erosion on Human settlements – a case study on Nallathaneer Odai Kuppam, North Madras (1993-1994).
  • Sustainable Utilization of a Renewable resources : A study of water resource Management in Pondicherry region (1994-1995) .
  • Open access and Erosion of a Renewable resource property Right approach to a study of Groundwater Exploitation in Thiruvanmiyur Belt (1994-1995).
  • A study of environmental problems arising out of the hazardous Hospital waste disposal in Madras city with special reference to General Hospital and Vijaya Hospital (1995-1996).
  • Ecological and Economic impact of the Nelapattu Bird sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh (1995-1996).
  • An economic and Ecological Transformation of a Forest Ecosystem : A case study of Kotagiri (1995-1996).
  • Agriculture sustainability in the face of uncontrolled use of chemical Fertilizer in Paddy cultivation in Kelancheri Village, Thanjavur District (1997-1998).
  • Experiments in Participatory Development with special Reference to people’s irrigation in Vallaikunnu Panchayat, Malapuram Dist. Kerala – An assessment (1997- 1998).
  • Environmental transformation and ensuring economic benefits through people’s participatory resource management especially water resources through micro watershed development in Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh (1998- 1999).
  • Public Policy in regard in control of air pollution with special reference to vehicular emission in Chennai city – an Evaluation
    (1998- 1999).
  • Municipal solid waste management in urban Agglomeration of Chennai with particular focus on the Koyambedu Market are
    (1998- 1999) ).
  • A study of the impact of tribal development programme with special reference to the Malayali Tribals of Jawadhu hills in Vellore District
    (1999- 2000).
  • Impact of Agricultural Activities on the Nelapattu and pulicat Bird Sanctuaries (1999- 2000).
  • A study on the working of voluntary agencies in the solid waste management of Chennai city : A case study of Exnora (2001-2002).
  • A study of water pollution with special reference to Cooum river in Chennai city (2002- 2003).
  • Air pollution with particular reference to vehicle emission in selected areas of Chennai (2002- 2003).

Ph.D. Programme

  • Economics of Production and Export prospects of Tobacco with special reference to Virginia Flue cured Tobacco in tight soiled areas of Andhra Pradesh (1992).
  • Tribal Development in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu since 1950 (1992).
  • An evaluation of the impact of Indian drug policy on the pattern of drug production in India (1993).
  • Regional Development in Tamil Nadu : An Economic Analysis (1995).

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